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Loyalty built to grow business

Propel your business to the next level with Lynkeds digital loyalty program. Try for 14 days for free now!

How Lynked Works

Create a Cutting Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes


Create your digital loyalty card through our intuitive platform


Enter your business locations and create a welcome promotion to attract new customers


Download Lynked on an in-store device, enter staff details, and instantly start using Lynked’s technology

— How Lynked can benefit your business

Ultimate flexibility, powerful loyalty

A digital Loyalty platform to suit any business type or size

Big loyalty benefits while maintaining your brand

Easily built loyalty program, effortlessly managed

No more inventory management of physical loyalty cards

Efficiently attract new customers via the in-app map

— How Lynked benefits your customers

High Tech Loyalty for any business

Go Eco-friendly with a digitised Loyalty card

Create a Points or Stamp based loyalty program

Efficiently communicate offers to your customer base

Increase customer satisfaction by going digital

How Lynked transforms your decision making

Powerful Analytics at your finger tips

— Our Benefits

We have thought of everything to put the power back into business

Have you started using Lynked yet?

Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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