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Here are some frequently asked questions from consumers and business owners using Lynked. Cannot find an answer? Please complete our “Contact us” form below and we will respond to any query!

Lynked - Personal

Below are some frequently asked questions by people who use Lynked as a consumer. Please get in touch if we have not answered your question!

How do I refer a business?

You can refer business by selecting the “Refer a Business” card or by navigating to My Profile → Refer your favourite place –>Refer Business now, in the Lynked app. When you select “Refer Business Now” a unique code is generated that you can share with a potential Lynked business user. The business will use this code during sign up and once they have successfully onboarded we will send you a cash reward.

How will I receive my reward?

Lynked will contact you and arrange for a cash reward to be sent to you, this is entirely an electronic transaction. T&Cs apply, please see our referral policy for further information. Note. just sharing your unique code with a business does not entitle you to a reward the business must successfully onboard.

Can I scan my QR code in more than one venue?

Yes, your QR code is unique to your profile and can be scanned in any participating Lynked outlet. Your single unique QR code is all you need to collect loyalty. No sign-up in-store is required, once you present your QR code in-store and it is scanned, the corresponding loyalty program for that premises is generated in your Lynked wallet.

What happens to my existing Loyalty in a business that is joining Lynked?

Your existing loyalty will need to be transferred to Lynked by the business you have collected historic loyalty with. This will need to be done in-store by a staff member and is entirely the responsibility of the business. It is a seamless and very quick process to transfer existing loyalty onto Lynked!

I have received an in-app notification of a discount/offer, how do I use it?

Select redeem on the notification you have received, the next time you present your QR code in-store the cashier will see that you have redeemed a promotion and can apply it to you. Note, T&Cs for using the promotion may apply and this is at the business discretion. For example times of when you can use the promotion or the expiry date. Please ensure you use the promotion correctly.

Can I use a Welcome Promotion more than once?

No, unfortunately not. You can use a welcome promotion for each business once. Once you have used a welcome promotion for that business you cannot use it for personal use as it is a one-time offer. You can however share it with friends.

Where can I see my Loyalty activity?

In the user app, navigate to Profile → Your Activity. This will display your activity on Lynked.

How do I enroll in a loyalty program?

Present your unique QR code in-store! We have made enrolling in loyalty programs easy, once you set up your Lynked account thats it, you dont need to sign up in future, just present your unique QR code in-store and once scanned the corresponding loyalty card will be generated in your wallet automatically.

My local cafe is not using Lynked, can they sign up?

Absolutely! You can refer your favorite or local outlet and receive a cash reward for every successful referral.

Can I add my existing Loyalty cards?

Yes! You can add any card with a barcode to Lynked, this can be an existing loyalty card, voucher, or even a bar code that you use for building access. In the app select the wallet icon in the top right of the screen → press on the card icon on the top right → Select “Add it here”, or select “View all Cards” where you can see a list of existing cards that you can add your unique code to. Your existing physical card will now be digitized in your wallet!

I dont see my physical Loyalty cards in “Popular Cards”, can I add it anyway?

Yes, in this page select “Add it here”, you can add any card by scanning or entering the card digits and card name. Once complete it will be available in your Lynked wallet.

I forgot my password can I reset it?

Yes, select the “Forgot Password” button at the sign-in page and you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Can I take my route from the Lynked map to Google/Apple maps?

Yes! When you are using the Lynked map to find an outlet in your area you can migrate the route to apple/google maps by pressing the Avatar. The Avatar is generated on the top right of the Lynked map when you have generated the route to a Lynekd location. Once selected you will be brought to Apple maps.

Can I receive more than 1 stamp at a time?

Yes! If you are entitled to more than 1 stamp because you are paying for two coffees for example, the cashier can add the appropriate number of stamps to your Lynked wallet in store.

Lynked - Business

Below are some frequently asked questions by businesses who use Lynked. Please get in touch if we have not answered your question!

What device do I need to scan QR codes in-store?

You can use any device that can download an application from the IOS and Android store. We can provide a device for you to use if you do not have an existing suitable device. Any staff member can log into the Lynked merchant app for your business once you provide them with the details you created in your business WebApp. The same Lynked app on IOS/Android is used for customers and for the merchant scanning device, the log in credentials will bring you to the correct interface, this is useful to know if you want to enable your staff members to use their personal devices in store.

Can I use my own device to scan a customer’s QR code?

Absolutely! Lynked is efficient and cost-friendly to get started, you don’t need to invest in any upfront devices or infrastructure.

How does Lynked help customers find my premises?

By entering the locations of your Lynked outlet in the business WebApp you are creating a location on the Lynked map for Lynked users to find your premises. Ensure you have uploaded the correct images to ensure your location identity is completed fully. By creating a welcome promotion you are attracting customers into your premises.

What is a welcome promotion?

A welcome promotion is a one-time only promotion for Lynked customers to use in-store. This promotion is defined by you, of course, you do not need to create a welcome promotion but it is an efficient way to attract customers to your premises and for them to shop and enroll in your Loyalty program. An example of a welcome promotion could be:

    • Free Doughnut with every coffee
    • Free Coffee with a 3 course meal
    • 10% off your first order
    • €5 Discount!

How do I know if a welcome promotion has been redeemed already?

A customer has their own single unique QR code, any redeemed promotion they have received will be visible to you when you scan their QR code, any available promotions can then be used and redeemed at checkout. Alternatively, if a customer has your loyalty card in their wallet and has collected stamps/points, they have been to your premises and likely received a welcome promotion.

What happens if I accidentally add extra points or stamps?

Dont worry! We have made Lynked user-friendly for business, you can go to the analytics section on the Merchant app and select the transaction and edit the points or stamps distributed to any customer. By selecting on the transaction you can also see which staff member was using the merchant scanning app.

How do I transfer my customer’s existing Loyalty onto Lynked?

You can easily transfer existing Loyalty onto Lynked, once your customer has downloaded the Lynked app you can scan their QR code which will automatically generate your Loyalty program in their Lynked wallet. From the merchant app, add the corresponding number of points or stamps to the Lynked wallet. Note Lynked points are €1 = 1 point. If your existing program is utilising points based loyalty on a different scale (e.g. €1 = 10pts) you need to adjust accordingly. 

    • E.g. €1=10Pts, Reward: €10 discount when you collect 1000pts 
      • Convert a consumers existing points by dividing their current points by 10 and inform them that the reward threshold for your loyalty program has been recalcultaed. 
      • Your new program is: €1 = 1pt. Reward: 100pts = €10 discount

Can I get extra staff accounts?

Absolutely – please contact us,, or by the “Contact us” page.

Can my business get extra monthly in-app notifications?

Absolutely – please contact us,, or by the “Contact us” page.

I am opening another outlet what can I do?

Congratulations! Please contact us,, or by the “Contact us” page. A member of the Lynked team will need to assist you in adding an extra location to the WebApp for you to set up your new location details. Alternatively if your plan has an unused location you can add the new location details in the WebApp under Promotions → Manage Locations.

I want to reward loyal customers, is there a tool in Lynked to help with this?

Absolutely, this is one of the major benefits of Lynked. 

    • Firstly you need to categorize your customers who you deem are most loyal based off of your criteria. Navigate in the WebApp to Customers → Customer Groups → Create new Customer groups. 
    • In the “How will customers be grouped?” → Using filters. 
    • Select “Customers That have at least <N> points”, or “have at least <N> check ins”. 
    • In the “N” field enter your desired number. For example, “Have at least 1000 points”. 
    • Select show customers by filters, this will create a list of customers to fit this criteria.  
    • Navigate to “Quick Campaign” to create a campaign to send to your customer base. In the “Who” drop down your customer groups are visible, select the desired customer group and your campaign will be targeted at these customers.

What happens when someones loyalty card is complete?

If someone has a complete loyalty card and is due a reward, when they scan their QR code in store it will appear on the merchant device that the customer has a reward to use. Once the full card is used in store the existing loyalty card empties for the customer to continue to use. Any surplus loyalty is carried forward.

Is one Loyalty card compatible in all of my outlets?

Yes if you are a multi-location business one loyalty card spans across every outlet, this provides a simple system for your customers who can scan their unique QR code and add stamps or points to one loyalty card associated with your business in any of the business outlets.

I don’t have an extra scanning device do you supply them?

Yes, please contact us,, or by the “Contact us” page.

How do “Quick Campaigns” work?

Quick campaigns allow you to communicate offers, news and discounts straight to your customer base. Your customers will receive a notification to their device via Lynked notifying them of your message, offer or promotion. Quick Campaigns are explained further in the “How to Guide – Business Web App”. 

How can I use analytics to my advantage?

Analytics can be used to monitor the performance of your loyalty program in each of your outlets, additionally, you can monitor specific demographics in your stores and use this information to make menu changes or to send out quick campaigns. For example, in an outlet close to a university you will likely see high activity in that age group, and therefore create a quick campaign to target this group with a midweek lunch deal. 

How do I add the cover photo for my premises so it’s visible on the Lynked map?

During the digital onboarding your cover photo is requested in the “Create a Welcome Promotion” section. The cover photo can also be added in the Business WebApp under, Promotions → Manage Locations → Edit → Update Location image. Recommended size is 1920 x 1080px.

Can I reset a password in the WebApp for a particular location?

Yes, navigate to Promotions → Manage Locations → Show Staff Members → Select edit. Here you can change the email and password of any staff member.

I want to change my points/stamps limit? Can I do it in WebApp?

Yes, in the Webapp navigate to Promotions → Manage Promotions → “Please select max Stamps/Points”. You can change the stamps or points in this section of the Webapp.

What happens to surplus points/stamps in a transaction?

Surplus points/stamps are carried forward to the next “empty” loyalty card. For example, if a customer is 10points away from receiving a reward and their transaction is worth 20 points, the next time they scan in store they can redeem their reward and restart their card which will have the 10 surplus points on the card. No loyalty is lost.

Can I add more than one stamp to a transaction?

Yes, we have a 2x Stamp feature to quickly add 2 stamps or press the “Add Stamp” button as many times as required. Once a customers QR code is scanned their loyalty profile is presented on the Merchant app for you to add the correct Loyalty amount.

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