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How to use Loyalty in the Beverage Business!

Loyalty in the alcoholic beverage business is a tricky one, especially since there’s has been some new legislation passed inhibiting the promotion of alcohol bulk discounts in stores.

However all is not lost!

You can still step out form the competition through innovative means which attract people into you Cocktail Bar, Wine Bar, Pub, or club! Continue reading to see how!


Free Entry When you collect stamps!

Why not give loyalty to club goers when they pay for entry to your nightclub! You can create a digital loyalty card and club goers scan their Lynked QR code on entry to collect rewards. This also gives you an excellent data base where you can send offers, discounts and promotions to your customer base in future. Imagine a Saturday evening where people are not in the mood to go out and all of a sudden they receive a Lynked notification with free entry for their favourite club that night, the possibilities are endless.

Let people store bags and cloaks for free!

A digital loyalty program will make your customers want to return to your club, why not provide free coat hanging for club goers who present their QR code at the cloak room. Everyone loves something for free and nobody carries coins to pay for coat hanging anymore, so take advantage of growing your Lynked customer base with this feature. Also, when someone scans their QR code on your premises it is entered into your system making it easy to determine who actually checked their belongings into your cloakroom.

Cocktails, Wine & Beer Establishments:

Free Food Item when you scan with Lynked?

Having a loyalty program with Lynked gives you some excellent benefits, mainly returning customers. Why not provide free crisps, nuts, or even pizza with every drink for anyonewho enters your premises using Lynked. You can create this program to your needs! How about free cheese, a free pizza, or any free food item when customers collect 5 wine, beer, or cocktail stamps from when they have visited.

Free Ride Home?

The possibilities are endless, get very innovative with your loyalty program! When a customer collects enough stamps or points reward them with their free taxi or cab home on the house! People love the extra service you are providing for them and will be sure to bring their friends and family the next time they are celebrating!


Lynked provides innovative and flexible means for you to build a loyalty program to suit your business needs! With our simple onboarding you can start using Lynked in less than 10 minutes and enjoy the growth of your loyal customer base!

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