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Make sure Motorists shop with you!

Ensure your service station or garage stands out from the competition by providing busy motorists a digital loyalty program they cannot resist! Letting motorists know what offers you have in store will ensure they refill with you instead of the next station.

Get ahead of the electric charging competition

With more and more e-vehicles entering the market, motorists need to spend more time at service stations to charge their cars.  Make sure they stop and use your utilities by attracting them to your location by offering loyalty rewards!

Let motorists know when they need to see you

Through Lynkeds customer categorization and in-app notification center, create in-app notifications on a schedule to let customers know when they need to see you for service!

Convert new customers into repeat customers

Grab the attention of someone who hasn’t visited you before with a welcome promotion! When they see what you have to offer with a cutting-edge loyalty program, watch these customers repeat shop with you.

Own a tyre or maintenance station?

Create a loyalty system that ensures customers repeat with you, whether thats their 10th tyre, or 5th oil change free, make sure people in your area come back to you!

Help Motorists find you

Your stations will be featured on the Lynked map so motorists will be able to find you when they need a quick stop to stretch their legs or to refill and recharge!

Make data-driven decisions

Monitor the performance of all your service locations through the Lynked analytics dashboard. You can compare the performance of all of your outlets and see what trends are popular in each region. This analytical approach will allow you to make decisions that will benefit your business and all your locations!

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