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Own a retail or clothing outlet? Here’s how Lynked can help your business!

Create a point or stamp-based loyalty program representing your brand and make sure existing customers repeat shop with you! If stamps-based loyalty is your preferred rewards system Lynked offers a wide range of custom-designed stamps to suit your business. If you offer a wide range of goods or services you can choose points-based loyalty where you set the reward limit!

Display your business on front of new customers

Through the Lynked map, users can find your premises and shop with you! Grab the attention of users in your area with a welcome promotion redeemable from the Lynked map. Once they are shopping with you watch them turn into loyal customers through our cutting-edge loyalty platform.

Lines or products not selling?

Utilize Lynked to sell lines or products which are moving slower than you thought! You can offer double points on selected days or on selected lines, or even notify your customer base about items you are giving out for free when you spend over a certain value!

Utilize analytics to make informed business decisions

Through the Lynked analytics dashboard, you are provided with vital analytics where you can compare the performance of all your outlets within your network. Utilize gender and age demographics to create accurate marketing campaigns with a high ROI.

Notify customers of in-store offers

Running an in-store offer for a special occasion whether that’s back to school or on the lead into Christmas? Let your existing loyal customer base be the first to know through the Lynked in-app notification center!

Announce new lines or products

Introducing new products into your store? Whether that’s a new menu item, new fashion line, or new cosmetic brand, let your most loyal customers know first so they can get priority access to your stock before it’s gone!

Create targetted ads to be as efficient as possible

Whether your customer base is predominantly male or female you can curate promotions that offer you a return on your marketing rather than advertising to the masses. Utilize the Lynked customer categorization and in-app notification centre to run promotions during peak times of the year such as fathers day or valentines day, and target these campaigns to people who need them.

Go eco-friendly

A scary amount of loyalty cards end up in Landfills, rescue your impact on the environment and allow your customers go digital with Lynked!

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