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Coffee Shops & Cafes

Modernize your loyalty system

The customers of today don’t want to carry around multiple, partially filled loyalty cards. Nobody goes anywhere without their phone, go digital with Lynked so your customers don’t need to worry about carrying a physical loyalty card with them anywhere.

Customize your loyalty card

Create a customized loyalty card carrying your brand! No need to design print or manage the inventory of your outdated paper loyalty system! Custom design your card and set your own Loyalty reward limit!

Connect with your Customers

Through Lynked’s intuitive customer segmentation and in-app notification center, let your customers know of new offers and deals in your Cafe.

Lynked works for multiple outlets

Create your account with Lynked and set up multiple locations and user profiles! You can get started with Lynked immediately throughout all of your locations.

Go eco-friendly

A scary amount of loyalty cards end up in Landfills, rescue your impact on the environment, and allow your customers to go digital with Lynked!

Real-time data, driving decisions

Business is data-driven today more than ever, Lynked offers you real-time and historical data trends to allow you to make informed business decisions to help you get more out of your promotion campaigns.

Feature on the Lynked map

Your Busines will be located on the Lynked map so any new users in your area know where to find you! Take advantage of anyone visiting near your area by creating an attractive welcome promotion!

Create a welcome promotion

Create an eye-catching welcome promotion to ensure anyone in your vicinity sees what you have to offer, dont miss out on new Lynked users and tourists in your area looking for a deal.

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