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Step out from the competition with a cutting-edge loyalty program!

Create a custom loyalty card and watch your sales grow as you convert one-off shoppers to loyal customers who can shop for in-season flowers with you!

Go eco-friendly

Reduce your impact on the environment and allow your customers go digital with Lynked by moving away from physical loyalty systems!

Let your customers know what’s in season

Utilise Lynkeds in-app notification centre to educate customers about new trends, in-season flowers, and bouquets on offer! Categorise customers based on demographics for special events and peak times. Target specific customer categories in the weeks leading up to Valentines day or Mothers day to ensure your customers have bought a bouquet for that special person.

Analytics to drive business

Through the Lynked analytics dashboard you are provided with vital analytics where you can compare the performance of all your outlets within your network. Utilize gender and age demographics to create accurate marketing campaigns with a high return on investment.

Feature on the Lynked map

Your florist will be on the Lynked map, create a welcome promotion to attract new customers in-store and watch them convert to loyal customers!

Have you started using Lynked yet?

Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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