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Health & Wellness

Drive sales in your Health and Wellness outlet with Lynked!

Create a custom loyalty card and watch your sales grow as you convert one-off shoppers to loyal customers who get their health products on time and in-store with you!

Go eco-friendly

Look after the health of the world as well as the health of your customers. Reduce your impact on the environment and allow your customers to go digital with Lynked.

Need to make room in your warehouse or sell some expiring health products?

Let your most loyal customers know about clearance items before the crowd do and watch your customer satisfaction rates soar. Go a step further and offer double points on selected product lines so you dont need to reduce your items to clear!

Let your users know when they need to refill or restock

Through Lynkeds intuitive platform, you can schedule messages to your customers and let them know when they need to pop in again to get their next subscription or refill! Let customers know about particular products on offer running into flu season or when the pollen levels are high!

Let your customers know what’s available

Utilize Lynkeds in-app notification centre to educate customers about new trends and products you offer and how it can benefit them!

Make sure people find you

Your outlets will be on the Lynked map, make sure new users in your area can get to you when they run out! Create a welcome promotion to attract new customers in-store and watch them convert to loyal customers!

Have you started using Lynked yet?

Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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