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Ice Cream Parlour

Here’s how Lynked can help your Ice-Cream Parlour!

Retain loyal customers by creating your own digital Loyalty card while running targeted promotions at peak times!

Create a customized loyalty card

No need to design print or manage the inventory of your outdated paper loyalty-based system! Custom design your card with Lynked and set your own loyalty reward limit!

Modernize your loyalty system

The customers of today dont want to carry around multiple, partially filled loyalty cards. Nobody goes anywhere without their phone, go digital with Lynked so your customers dont need to worry about carrying a physical loyalty card with them anywhere!

Contact your customer base with offers

Through Lynked’s intuitive customer segmentation and in-app notification center, you can create customer groups based on user demographics. Lynked enables you to contact specific customers to let them know about offers at peak times.

Feature on the Lynked map

Feature on the Lynked Map and set up a welcome promotion to entice new customers into your outlet. People using Lynked form outside your area will see you on the map when they are visiting.

Have you started using Lynked yet?

Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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