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Laundry Outlets

Modernize and reinvigorate your Laundry Outlet with a branded loyalty program

People’s lives are getting busier! Tap into the tech savvy modern-day professional who doesn’t have the time to do their Laundry and convert them to a long-term loyal customer!

Create a unique Loyalty card carrying your logo

With Lynked you can build a loyalty card that suits your business with our diverse range of custom stamps – no design skills are required. You can choose points-based loyalty if its more suitable to your business!

Connect with your Customers

Connect with your customer base through our notification center where you can reward customers who frequently spend with you or send an offer to people who haven’t visited you in a while.

Create a welcome promotion

Create a welcome promotion to attract new customers into your store! Once people realise your location and the great benefits you offer through your loyalty program, you will have tapped into a loyal customer base who will keep returning.

Feature on the Lynked map

Let customers know where they can pick up and drop off their Laundry with the Lynked map. With this feature you can also target Lynked users visiting your area who may need an emergency laundry service!

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