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Pet Stores

Here’s how Lynked can help your Pet Store!

Create a points or a stamp-based loyalty program carrying your logo and make sure existing customers repeat shop with you! If stamp-based loyalty is your preferred rewards system, Lynked offers a wide range of custom-designed stamps to suit your business. If you offer a wide range of pet accessories, points-based loyalty may be your best solution!

Need to make room in your warehouse or sell some expiring pet food?

Let your most loyal customers know about clearance items before the crowd does and watch your customer satisfaction rates soar. Offer double points on selected lines instead of reducing the price of goods, and maintain your margin!

Go eco-friendly

A scary amount of loyalty cards end up in Landfills, reduce your impact on the environment and all of the animals in the world, allow your customers go digital with Lynked!

Let your customers know about in-store offers

Running an in-store offer for a special occasion? Whether that’s for international pet day or the anniversary of your business, let your existing loyal customer base be the first to know through the Lynked in-app notification center!

Feature on the Lynked map

Your Busines will be located on the Lynked map so any new users in your area know where to find you! Take advantage of anyone visiting near your area by creating an attractive welcome promotion!

Get personal with pet lovers

Through Lynkeds in-app notification center you can reach your customers with tailored offers! Why not remind them about the birthday of the pet they bought from you, or when its international dog or cat day!

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