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Restaurants and Food Outlets

Whether its fine dining or casual dining, see how Lynked can help

Choose our points-based loyalty system if you focus on fine dining or build your personalised stamp-based loyalty card if you are a fast-casual food outlet!

Build a branded loyalty card suitable to your business

If your main focus is a fast-moving food category such as burritos, mexican bowls, pizzas, asian street bowls, or burgers, Lynked has a wide array of custom-designed stamps you can use to digitise your Loyalty card. Choose our points option if you are a fine dining restaurant with a wide arrange of foodservice offerings!

Let your customers know about upcoming offers

Notify your customers of upcoming deals, offers, and let your most loyal customers hear about new dishes, new ingredients, and new drinks, so they can try them first.

Create a welcome promotion

Create an eye-catching welcome promotion to ensure anyone in your vicinity sees what you have to offer, dont miss out on new Lynked users and tourists in your area looking for a deal.

Let people know about new locations

If you open any new locations, utilise the Lynked Map to attract potential new customers with a welcome promotion while you provide another outlet to grow your loyal customer base.

Celebrate cultural cuisine

Food and cuisine are part of everyone’s culture, it’s what we are proud of! Want to celebrate cuisine and cultural traditions with your local customer base? With our in-app notification center, create a quick campaign for traditional dishes and contact your customers with special offers!

Get in front of new customers and tourists

Display your premises on the Lynked map and any Lynked user in your local area will be able to see where you are.

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