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Modernise and reinvigorate your Supermarket with a branded loyalty program!

Shopping local is becoming more important and popular, let people know what you have to offer in store and retain customers in your area with Lynked.

Customize your loyalty card

Whether you want to reward customers with points-based loyalty for every euro they spend or reward customers with their 10th item free through stamp-based loyalty, Lynked can help you. With Lynked you can go for either option and avail of Lynkeds diverse range of stamp icons to suit your Business, whether its a supermarket, butchers, or bakers!

Connect with your Customers

Let your customer base know about special offers for family gatherings, at Christmas, Easter, Summer BBQ, or for a Sunday roast to ensure they shop with you!

Target your promotions

People like to shop local, create a welcome promotion on Lynked to attract new customers to your store and watch your loyal customer base grow!

Turn waste into sales

Fresh produce destined for disposal? Through Lynkeds customer categorization and in-app notification platform you can let your customer base know about discounted produce or offer double points on selected produce to reduce your waste.

Build rapport with your customer base

Let your customers know what produce is in season, or what in-store offers you are running and watch your sales grow! Get to know customers by name when they scan in store!

Feature on the Lynked map

Make sure your business is on the Lynked map and front and centre for any Lynked users visiting your area who need a place to stock up for their stay.

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Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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