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Vape Shops

Customize your loyalty

Create a branded digital Loyalty card through Lynkeds simple onboarding platform that suits your business! Using stamp-based loyalty you can promote a particular e-liquid category you want to use for customer rewards, or choose loyalty points if you offer a more diverse range of products!

Holding cloudy vape liquids that you used to discount?

Dont throw margin away, offer double points on selected lines to entice your customers to keep shopping!

Get in front of new users in your area

Your store will be on the Lynked map so new users in your area can find you! Create a welcome promotion to get new users into your store, but also see the benefits of Lynked when customers need to restock when they are holidaying in your area!

Let your customers know about deals and offers

Using Lynkeds intuitive customer categorization and in-app messaging center, tailor in-app notifications and offers to your customers, based on your criteria! Lynked users will be notified straight to their phone of any offers you have created!

Have you started using Lynked yet?

Create a Cutting-Edge Loyalty Program In Less Than 10 Minutes

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