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What we have been working on!

Lynked Loyalty is continuously striving to produce an innovative, user-friendly experience, for our clients and app users! Our goal is to bridge the digital gap between businesses and consumers and bring the latest technology trends to our community. 

Find out below what exciting new features we have built on the Lynked Loyalty App and new business updates…

Single Sign On (SSO): 

Single Sign on allows app users to create an account on Lynked in a fraction of the time it takes to manually onboard. Through our SSO process, new app users sign up and can begin collecting their rewards in less than 10 seconds, saving precious time for busy consumers and businesses.

Lynked has integrated with Google, Apple, and Facebook implementing their SSO systems on the Lynked Loyalty App. Now, once you download the Lynked Loyalty App, you can create an account using Google/Apple/Facebook SSO buttons where your information will migrate from your pre-existing i.d into Lynked, saving you time and reducing friction while you check out. 

Streamlined On-Boarding:

For individuals who want to create an account manually either by choice or absence of an existing SSO I.D with either Google/Facebook/Apple, we have created a simple and streamlined process so you can create an account manually. 

Both of these updates ensure the Lynked Loyalty experience is as efficient as possible.

“SSO has absolutely changed the loyalty experience for FoodMaxx, it saves significant time at the till during checkout for staff and customers” ~ Savio James, Foodmaxx Ireland

New Industries and New Regions!

We have rolled out our Apple and Android mobile apps globally; now you can download Lynked Loyalty anywhere across the globe. This will enable us to expand Lynkeds’ footprint internationally, bringing value to consumers and businesses!

We have launched Lynked in a number of new industries, with businesses from the following industries onboarding and implementing our technology: 

  • Grocery
  • Pet & Animal Feed
  • Beauty and Cosmetics
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Male Grooming

Stay Tuned…

Our development team is working hard to bring new and innovative technology to market, ultimately driving value for both businesses and consumers. It’s exciting to bring news of product development and expansion of Lynked into more industries and countries, enabling businesses and consumers to adopt our technology from anywhere. 


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