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Loyalty Points and Stamps in One Place

Store all your loyalty points and stamps in one wallet

Scan and immediately enrol in any loyalty program

Use your unique QR code in every participating venue

Find the best loyalty programs and deals in your area

How Lynked Works

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90 seconds


Download the Lynked app to your mobile phone to create your unique QR code.


Discover businesses using the Lynked app map to find deals in your area.


Show your QR code at checkout to redeem offers and collect points.

Using Lynked is easy

All your Loyalty in one place

Download Lynked to generate a unique QR code

Scan in participating stores to collect rewards

Upload any of your existing loyalty programs to Lynked

Bring Lynked everywhere, collect rewards, and save money

Lynked Makes Loyalty Programs Easy

Discover more with Lynked

Discover participating stores near you through the in-app map

Find the best promotions in your area

Receive new and existing deals straight to your phone

 Use one unique loyalty QR code in every participating venue

— Our Benefits

Flexible Loyalty, Endless
Rewards, Everywhere you go

Bring Lynked with you everywhere. Your unique QR code works for every location, for every business, in every industry. Discover more whilst travelling, and find the best deals around you.

— Our Industries

Industries we work with


Beauty (Spa, Nail, Hair)


Coffee Shops & Cafes


Ice Cream Parlour

Barber Shop

Pet Stores

Health & Wellness


Vape Shops


Restaurants and Food Outlets

Laundry Outlets


— Our Benefits

We Know What Matters to You

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