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Mind Blowing Loyalty Facts

Not sure whether you need a loyalty program?

Here are some mind-blowing statistics! Read below to understand why you need a Loyalty program, and especially a digital one!

1: Increase Revenue!

61% of people modify their spending to maximize benefits translating to higher transaction value and higher revenue!

2: Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost!

It costs 5x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer! Lynked reduces your customer acquisition cost by enabling you to put your business on front of Lynked users through our in-app map to help you grow your loyal customer base.

3: Loyalty Matters!

Loyal customers are 10x more likely to be satisfied customers and tell a friend or family about your business! Customers are also becoming more focused on what a business or brand stands for, particularly endeavors to help climate change and our environment, your doing just that by going digital with your loyalty program.

5: Focus on What Provides Ultimate Value!

37% of revenue comes from returning customers who account for 10% of visitors. Be sure to increase your loyal customer base and boost repeat purchasing with a digital loyalty program for you customers!

6: People Want Digital!

Consumers are continuously searching for digital solutions and there has been an upward curve of digitization in our world with contactless payment, click and collect, and online ordering. It is estimated that there will be almost 4million people with smartphones in Ireland by 2024. Dont miss out on this opportunity and make sure to catch the digital wave!

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