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Restaurant Hacks this Winter! How to Capitalise on the Lead into Christmas!

Shorter days and longer nights, day to day interactions with your customers are changing– especially with the COVID-19 crisis making indoor dining all that much harder.

Restaurants and fast food outlets have started to digitize their service by offering contactless delivery, mobile ordering and click and collect. But, how will small businesses that don’t have the budget for big agencies and app development capitalise on digitizing their customer experience during winter?

Good News! Online ordering from restaurants is increasing and it’s never been easier to start accepting online orders and to start serving your customers directly at their home. Third-Party apps like Just Eat and Deliveroo make delivery easy but tend to cut into your profits. So, what’s a restaurant to do?

Here are some ways restaurants can serve more customers and increase their margins:

  1. Get Your Brand on Front of People 

Branding and Image is everything once you have a top foodservice, modern-day working consumers want good quality food, easily received and easily paid for to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Creating a digital loyalty program for your company puts your business on front of existing app users. Let the tech-savvy modern-day individual find you easily by digitising your loyalty service and enabling people in your area find you. With Lynked your business features on our in-app mao where an ever-growing user base can find you!

  1. Set up a Rewards Program 

A rewards program is a great way to motivate customers to purchase from you as opposed to your competitors. Instead of having your customers order through a third party ordering system why not reward them for ordering directly from you! Maybe throw in a free item or give extra points for someone who calls your premises directly to place an order and pays you directly! Your customer is happy with the extra reward, you increase your margins and everyone is happy!

  1. Increase Repeat Orders

Did you know that almost 40% of revenue is provided by less than 10% of customers? Loyaly customers are oxygen to businesses. Provide something special to your customers so when they leave they turn top their partner satisfied they will return again! This could be a free beverage, free dessert, or even 5% discount off their next sitting!

  1. Use Data

The digital world has transformed how to do business, and one cornerstone of this is powerful data. You can use it to your advantage to monitor busy periods, predict when extra staff or even when extra food prep is required. Building rapport with your customers is important to make sure they feel welcome and continue to come back. Lynked enables you to market and communicate directly to your clientele, you communicate y information they will appreciate such as specials, events, modified hours etc. Enable push notifications to send personalized offers and updates to your customers with Lynkeds Quick Campaigns.

With Lynked you can offer all of the above and so much more without breaking the bank.

Lynked is primed to assist small business owners and SMEs helping you serve as many customers as possible and increase your revenue through cost-effective measures!

All Lynked business receive our services for the same monthly subscription fee with no hiddens costs or extra fees!

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